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Leggings - Rules You All You Need to Know

Most girls love to wear leggings but many of them do not know right ways to wear them. They usually wear leggings with and fashion styles to look like a fashion celebrity but usually become the point of joke for others as they confuse them with tights. According to various fashion stylists and experts before wearing leggings on should know the right ways to wear them so that instead of confusing them with tights they may look the best stylish and on-trend among their admirers. Some rules are briefly described here under to guide you while wearing leggings of your choice.

Rule no. 1: First of all you should choose right leggings. You should not be confused while buying and wearing Canada leggings as neither they are tights nor pants. You can do it well by eliminating certain things. Though leggings are wonder thing to wear due to the combination of comfort and fashion blend in one item of clothing but you should not wear it as pants in any circumstance. Moreover you should also not use them as a suitable dress for office as for that purpose you will have to choose one to give your lots of smart and trendy looks. Additionally you should not wear leggings under different dresses like tights.

Rule no. 2: Now after making your mind clear about the use of leggings you should now know how versatile and amazing the leggings can be on the basis of their merits. According to fashion experts you can wear leggings with a long blazer and high boots or a long button down shirt, belt around the waist and ankle boots to look comfortable, classy and sharp on trend.

Rule no. 3: While wearing leggings you should make it sure that in any case your tops should be long enough to cover your buttocks. It will be safe for you while moving in the public. According to style experts people usually break various fashion rules, even if they are aware of their wrong moves, but they should not break the rule of wearing long tops with Canada leggings as it will give them more pleasant looks than ever. But if you want to wear them without long tops then your leggings should not be thick like jeans so that you may look denser with them. They should look part of your personality instead of you be part of their existence.

Rule no. 4: The length of your leggings also makes much difference in your looks. Their length should end up just above your ankles. If it is shorter than this even then it can suit you by making slight changes in its shin.

Rule no. 5: Now is the time to focus on the prints on your leggings. You should avoid bold prints on your Canada leggings but if you like them, then you will have to be cautious while wearing them. Though leggings with floral and colourful prints are fun to wear but still they are suitable for lean and long legs only. According to various stylists such prints can make you look bulkier. So to look lean and smart you should wear leggings in basic colours to give appealing look to your curves and cuts along with improving their utility. Some girls may find dark coloured leggings more suitable than light or medium shades. So you should be careful while choosing the shades of your leggings.

Rule no. 6: Moreover you should wash your leggings regularly to keep them look good and comfortable for you. As you cannot wear them instead of tights, pants and denim jeans similarly you cannot overlook their cleanliness like them. Regular washing will maintain the elasticity of your leggings which will keep your body relaxed when you body heats up. Moreover your leggings do not breaths like other clothing items as they are made of fully or partially synthetic fabric. So it becomes necessary to wash them after one or two wears. Though you can wash them in your washing machine instead of washing them by hand but you should wash them with delicate clothes to maintain their size and shape. You should also avoid using hot water, warm dryer and steam iron on your leggings as heat can damage their elasticity and their comfort level will also be disturbed with time.

Rule no. 7: While wearing your leggings you should also focus on your footwear. Leather leggings with patchwork paired with moto boots with cool look can be the best choice to look a sleek biker. But if you want to give a perfect look to your long physique then wear leather boots over your knees with your leggings. So you can wear various types of footwear with you leggings to change your appearance every time.

Rule no. 8: Wear the leggings according to the occasion. According to fashion experts you should avoid to wear leggings while going for a holiday party, formal events like meeting the parents or wedding party or going for an interview for a job.

Rule no. 9: You can wear your Canada leggings with any of your outfits if you have considered all the points discussed in this write-up as by now you might have arranged them as per the instructions provided in them. But even then you should wear them carefully as fashion freak people are going to observe you very vigilantly. So, you will have to be tricky while wearing your leggings.

Rule no. 10: But still you should wear them as your regular daywear apparel instead of wearing them during workout sessions or while coming to home or going to a yoga class as they are not good as workout wear. Though you feel comfortable in your leggings but wearing them with a sweater and running shoes while running in routine on your weekend can make it difficult for you due to excessive sweating due to its synthetic stuff. So be careful in this respect.

Thus you can enjoy the fun of wearing leggings by following the rules briefly discussed in this write-up. check out our Canadian Leggings

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