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Synthetic materials such as spandex and others used for yoga pants and leggings should always be washed in cold water. You should skip the dryer even on low heat whenever possible. Allow pants to air dry away from direct heat and sunlight

Yoga (except for hot yoga) is a bit different from many gym routines. You perspire, but you're not always dripping with sweat. Do the pants need to be washed after every wearing? What if you don't do any yoga at all, just run errands and have a latte?


The best answer is: Any garment that is worn close to the body directly on your skin should be washed after every wearing. Tight-fitting garments gather bacteria and yeast spores from your skin. This bacteria remains on the clothes and can multiply and prosper until the garment is washed. If you happen to have sensitive skin or a small cut or break in the skin, rashes, skin irritation, and infections can begin. (Don't forget this same thing can happen with your yoga mat.)


Some of the bacteria that cling to fiber cause odor. The odor may not be detectable immediately after wearing it. But as the bacteria remains on the fabric and grows, the next time you wear the garment and your body heat up the fibers, the odor is released. This is not good. The odor will also remain if you haven't gotten the pants clean during your laundry routine. That's why you need a good heavy-duty detergent with enzymes.

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